Quality standards

Representatives on the property

Representatives and supervisors of our company will be presented on the property every day to assure the best performance.

Representatives will monitor on time arrival of staff as well as staff’s adherence to appropriate professional dress code.

Supervisors will be performing daily inspections of all housekeepers to follow up on the progress of the staff.

The supervisors and representatives of our company will be working together to ensure the best performance on the daily basis.

Quality Assurance Inspector

Besides company representatives the QA inspector will be coming to the property once a week to make sure everything is done up to the standards.

Training of new staff members

ABC of housekeeping video to prepare the person for the new position Interview. The new house attendant will be interviewed in the office. She will have to watch the ABC of housekeeping, to grasp the general knowledge of cleaning in Hotel. The ABC explains the major points of concentration for cleaning hotel room and the right usage of chemicals.

Two days of training with housekeeper under supervision of representative Training in hotel. First day the room attendant will be introduced to hotel and to all peculiar aspects of cleaning, the locations of closets and all required supplies. The second and third day she will follow the experienced room attendant under the supervision of the representative for 2 days.

Probation, the new housekeeper cleans 8 rooms The new applicant will be given 8 rooms, and will be inspected by both the representative of the company and the hotel supervisor before she becomes the member of the team. The new housekeeper will come on board only after the approval of executive housekeeping manager.