Our story

Labor for Hire has been a trusted resource for more than 16 years headed by Oleg Tsimbler.

We have over 600 people working for different companies and various fields. We provide the industry with professional housekeepers, housemen, drivers, call- center agents, front desk attendants, and food and beverage department.

No matter where you work, you are considered to be a part of the Labor for Hire Family and your individual actions and performance reflect directly upon the team as a whole.

About us

We have been trusted by the world’s biggest hotels, and we continue to grow with the help of more than 600 people in our company. With over one decade of experience in the commercial cleaning arena, we provide overnight cleaning services and sanitation to luxury hotels, resorts, spas, restaurants, and commercial facilities. All services provided are at fair and competitive pricing, ensuring that our customers are ecstatic, receiving incredible value, and reaping the profits of doing business with us.

Other branch of our corporation provides the catering - service companies personnel, carefully trained by our high-qualified certificated coaches. Our specialists perfectly know how to provide the efficient hospitable service confirmed by various our clients. Our ideas for business are always fresh innovative modern and actual.

USA Labor For Hire can customize your scope of work to fit almost any budget. We also provide contract labor services, staffing various positions in the hotel, all at competitive rates. Allow us to be your single resource for both your overnight cleaning and contract labor staffing.

Our Clients